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  • Dr. Helmut Vigenschow
  • Pharmaceutical Consultant
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Course description

The market share of drug products manufactured by means of modern biotechnology is constantly increasing. In Germany, it is close to 25% in value. New therapeutic options are opened for treatment of severe medical conditions and it is obvious that this product category will become even more important in the future. Originator companies are redirecting their main focus from APIs manufactured by chemical synthesis to APIs derived from modern biotechnological processes. As a consequence of the higher development costs, the market prizes of biotechnological drug products are high as well. This means that there will be a major cost saving potential for the healthcare systems by introduction of Biosimilar competition directly after patent expiry. Consequently, it is vital for generic pharmaceutical companies to consider extending their business scope from drug products with chemically synthetized API to Biosimilars. For midsize and smaller companies which do not possess the financial ressources or the know how to develop proprietary Biosimilars it is highly recommended to search for cooperations with other companies. The training aims to create deeper understanding why biotechnological products - and as a consequence biosimilars - are a unique product category and what aspects have to be considered in R&D and Drug Regulatory Affairs.

Benefits of attending

Understand the market potential of Biotech products
in therapy, including current and future therapeutic perspectives of Biosimilars

Understand the differences between Generics, “classical”
Biosimilars and Monoclonal Antibodies with their increasing complexity

What are the key aspects of development of a

Understandthe current regulatory and GMP environment
and processes

Learn about the critical steps of host cell transformation and cell bank characterisation

Understand the system of EU Guidelines to prove comparability of Biosimilars

Learn how comparability studies have to be designed

Understand the aspect of interchangeability for market success


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