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  • Hans van Maanen
  • Senior Consultant Multi-Phase Measurement
  • Hint Europe B.V.
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Course description

Natural gas will be very important for the decades to come as it will be necessary to enable the gradual decarbonization of the energy supply to the world. The proven reserves are very large and the emissions are rather low. Replacing e.g. coal fired power plants by NG powered plants would contribute significantly to the reduction of the CO2 emissions.

All gas wells produce gas, Hydrocarbon condensate and water. A direct measurement of the fluids, referred to as ‘wet-gas measurement’, reduces the costs significantly, improves the quality and quantity of data, available for reservoir management and provides better data for allocation, which is crucial for the determination of the revenues.

Wet-gas measurement enables a cheaper lay-out of the evacuation system as test-separators, test lines and manifolds are no longer needed, thus reducing CapEx by a large fraction as well as OpEx due to simpler maintenance and provides flow rates 24/7.

Key topics

Mechanisms / physics of wet-gas flow rate

Correction techniques based on correlations

Modelling of the wet-gas flow in a Venturi

Future developments in wet-gas flow rate measurement

Benefits of attending

Understand the physical mechanisms of how liquids effect the gas flow rate measurement

Recognise the influence of liquids on the gas flow rate measurement

Learn how to correct the readings for the liquid contributions

Develop implementation of wet-gas correction algorithms in the data-processing

Appreciate the cost savings on CapEx and OpEx with wet-gas measurement

Have the ability to design and implement wetgas flow rate measurement systems


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