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  • Murray Wiseman
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Course description

Maintenance Managers and Engineers exercise their responsibility for ensuring the acquisition and proper analysis of the “right information” with the intent to increase the effectiveness of maintenance. Today, the maintenance engineer faces the greatest challenge – How to extract data of the type and quality required for Reliability Analysis (RA)? Powerful RA tools can, with good data, optimize maintenance plans. Effective asset management requires decision models that support management objectives. The course "Achieving Reliability from Data" addresses the tight dependence of enterprise performance on maintenance practice. Maintenance engineers and managers have long considered that data compiled in the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) databases hold the key to optimal preventive maintenance policies.

This course will illuminate the steps towards this goal. We will begin with comprehensive instruction on how to perform initial RCM analysis that produces a defensible initial maintenance plan. From that foundation participants will then proceed to learn precisely which data attributes they will need to acquire in order to improve the initial plan through the application of Reliability Analysis (RA). Finally, the course concludes with thorough training on reliability analysis and decision modeling techniques themselves.

Unique blend for maximum ROI - Classroom training & online learning


Take advantage of this unique product that combines classroom training and online learning with the aim of maximizing the implementation of the information learned.

Studies show that humans tend to forget the new information they learn at an exponential rate. As much as 80% of the new information is forgotten in less than a week - unless learning repetition is applied. With the goal of increasing your ROI of attending this class-room training and maximizing the implementation of the new information you learn, we have prepared this unique blend of class-room training and online learning.

Every training participant will receive complimentary access to this unique Advanced RCM Concept E-learning which includes: 

more than 8 hours of narrated video content

technical content papers

software simulations


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Benefits of attending

Learn the process for continually improving the quality of maintenance data and the RCM knowledge base

Master techniques for accurate and complete data transcription to the EAM when closing work orders, while ensuring the systematic growth of the maintenance reliability knowledge base

Acquire the theory and practice of how to achieve verifiable reliability from data

Workshop in Initial RCM

Workshop in Weibull Analysis and PM Optimization


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