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What to expect in 2019

Top Discussion Issues

» Initial Margin calculation

» Brexit and its consequences on CM

» Derivatives executed with third-party countries

» Faster and smarter information flow

» Issuance of margin call through automation

» Compliance and regulation after September 2019

Special Features

» A full day focused on Buy-side challenges: Regulation, processes, and technology

» Workshop 1: IM calculation, reconciliation, and sensitivity calculation

» Workshop 2: Collateral efficiency boost and operational excellence

» Workshop 3: New regulatory requirements for the collateralization of OTC Derivative Risks

» 10 Interactive sessions



Buy side

Asset Managers, Hedge Funds, Institutional Investors, Retail Investors

from 499 € Buy

Sell side

Investment Banking, Commercial Banking, Stock Brokers, Market makers and other Corporates

from 1898 € Buy

Solution Provider

from 3099 € Buy

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