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Murray Wiseman

Global Facilitator & Consultant

Living RCM Practicioner

Murray innovates in Maintenance Engineering, Management and Consulting particularly in using Maintenance Data to achieve Reliability. He founded and operated the world's first web expert-system based commercial oil analysis laboratory. As a principal consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers' Centre of Excellence in Physical Asset Management, he specialized in Condition base Maintenance Optimization. He leads projects in condition-based maintenance optimization that achieve safe increased equipment availability while minimizing life cycle cost. He founded Optimal Maintenance Decisions (OMDEC) Inc, a software and consulting company dedicated to strategic reliability information and knowledge management. As VP of Technology at OMDEC, he introduced the revolutionary principles of "Living RCM" to the Canadian Armed forces, as well as to mining and metallurgy, cement, and process industries around the world. Murray holds a B. Eng. Mech. degree from McGill University. He has conducted highly regarded training programs in many countries, including the physical asset management certificate course at the University in Toronto.