Programme Director

  • Dennis William Cox

Dennis William Cox, BSc FCSI FCA is a leading financial services risk management and internal audit specialist. As CEO of Risk Reward Limited, he leads the risk management, internal audit consulting firm serving banks, insurers, regulators and financial institutions in developed and emerging markets based in London, UK.

Well known in Malaysia he is an advisor to the Financial Accreditation Agency (FAA) and has trained staff at Bank Negara Malaysia in Islamic finance. His training experience in Malaysia
has encompassed the following subjects:
• Risk management of Islamic finance
• Liquidity management in Islamic finance
• Internal audit of Islamic finance
• Shariah risk management and shariah audit

He has held senior management positions within the banking, insurance and accountancy profession as Director, Risk Management at HSBC Insurance Brokers Limited and Director,
Risk Management, Prudential Portfolio Managers and has been Special Advisor to the CEO of Al Rajhi Bank. Formerly he held a number of roles within the audit profession including Senior Audit Manager (Compliance) at HSBC Holdings PLC and Senior Manager (Banking and Finance) at both BDO Binder Hamlyn and Arthur Young. He has significant expertise in total risk management, credit, liquidity, operational and market risk. He has also worked in compliance in various guises for 30 years and has a broad understanding of global compliance issues. He has detailed knowledge of the practical application of Islamic finance including Islamic risk management and Islamic internal audit.

He has also worked with a number of financial institutions providing solutions to the practical issues that arise within Islamic finance, including designing shariah compliance products.

He is the author of a range of publications and articles including the audit industry handbook Banking and Finance: Accounts, Audit and Practise (1993 Butterworths), The Mathematics of Banking and Finance (2006 Wiley Finance), Frontiers of Risk Management (2007 Euromoney), An Introduction to Money Laundering Deterrence (2010) and The International Handbook of Money Laundering Deterrence (the first to present the deterrence rules for 37 countries worldwide) for Wiley Finance (2014).

Additional specialist compliance trainers may be required depending upon the final course outlines and timetable agreed. Such additional trainers, if required, will be pre notified to the Bank prior to the commencement of any work.