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Altkom Software & Consulting

We create software driven by passion for technology.

For 20 years our dedicated software helps our European customers' businesses growth.

"See different – achieve more" - our approach to work with clients reflects superior values that guide us in business: Efficiency and Safety. With us, you will achieve more, as we have experience based on the competence of our team and long-lasting relations with clients. 

We work with companies from insurance and banking industries across geographies helping them to:

  • develop software in iterative manner with lightweight process to give the results of our work early and often,
  • assess the key architectural aspects like performance, extensibility, reliability and security to provide possible improvements, 
  • maintain, re-engineer or enhance legacy systems to extend their business usability,
  • select from technology stacks available in the market the best possible match for their short and long-term business objectives.


Altkom's invitation video to Bancassurance Forum