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Operational Excellence in Insurance

Innovation Culture and the “Technology Octopus”

In this opportunity, we want to explore the way in which fast-paced technological advancements and the demand for innovative approaches are impacting operations in insurance companies.


Two industry leaders | Three questions


speaker Tanja Blatnik conference Fleming.


Tanja Blatnik

Adriatic Slovenica, Slovenia

COO & Strategy Director

speaker Marieke van Zuien conference Fleming.


Marieke van Zuien

BNP Paribas Cardif, Netherlands

Chief Commercial Officer

1. What organizational changes has your company undertaken due to technology developments and innovation culture, including inside and outside Insurance?


Tanja: I think that organizational changes are in the process of doing and learning and are very much connected to the current mind-set of the company; specially management and leadership. The culture of digital is not about IT, it is a way of working and living. It comes as a force from the outside and it would be wrong not to incorporate it in the competences of every team inside the company. We have come a long way and after many organizational attempts in the past we have learned what needs to be changed in order to work better.

Marieke: We have fully reviewed our enterprise architecture after a strategic reorientation that was based on regulatory changes deeply impacting our niche. This has led to a renewed view on customer journeys and operational efficiency in a world with totally different chain dynamics than before.


2. Does your company have in place any program or strategy to start adopting market ideas that benefit the company and/or the customer?


Tanja: Before adopting ideas from the market, we have to change our internal mindset towards innovation. For example we started to innovate on costumer experience with paperless claims notification, we of course realized very soon, that is a whole other story than paper based notification process, although we are talking about the same costumer need.

Marieke: As a specialist in payment protection insurance operating in the Dutch market, we have installed a strategic initiative to totally relaunch our proposition based on new standards. This programme involves the renewal of our core product offering in terms of commercial process as well as a full set-up of front, mid and back office components. The strategic vision behind it is based on self service, commercial effectiveness and straight through processes leading to customer and distribution partners’ satisfaction.


3. Is your IT team involved in such initiatives or a digital team and to whom do they report? Or, does your company rely on collaboration with external partners to innovate?


Tanja: IT needed to reposition itself in the company from 'just' coding to developing 'together'. That is why digital cannot be a team (specially not within IT), it is a competence of all employees, since they have to constantly talk to IT or many innovators outside of the company, to adopt an idea.

Marieke: Our IT team has a very central role in this strategic programme, in setting out and steering the development of our desired processes and managing the change roadmap in close collaboration with involved external partners. They report to the CIOO who is a member of the company’s executive committee.


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