So has COVID-19 made us safer?

It is interesting that many companies are seeing their injury rates go down this year. Would it not be nice to think this is because all our policies, programs, training are paying off! Or could it be for other reasons? We see at ABB the same trend.

More focus, less risk

When we look more deeply at this I think there are a number of factors playing into the “improvement”.

  1. We are engaging in less risky activities – and instead of using digital and virtual solutions to help customers service equipment themselves.
  2. We have more supervision – supervisors and managers are traveling less and are more present!
  3. The focus on personal health and hygiene is also a constant reminder of personal safety.

So can we continue this trend?

I guess we can if we understand the reasons and build on this. For instance can we move to more virtual/digital solutions and take travel, fatigue and site unknown risks away? Can we build on the leadership presence and see how we make this the future norm? How can we leverage health nudges to create a safer working environment?

What do you think – is COVID-19 a chance to reassess how we do things?

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