CCUS Well Design & Monitoring

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Course description

This 4 half-day master-class workshop will provide a comprehensive review of integrity of wells exposed to carbon dioxide (CO2) in the context of Carbon Capture Utilization – for enhanced oil recovery – and Storage (CCUS). CO2 geological storage is a proven technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from sources such as coal power plants, cement kilns and steel mills.

Wells are widely considered the most critical containment element, especially older wells that are not used to inject CO2 or monitor the plume evolution in the storage reservoir. The main reason for this perceived risk is the high corrosion rate of carbon steel when exposed to wet CO2, and the tendency of Portland cement to react with the gas.

The course advanced contents build on 15 years’ experience in carbon storage, both in the development and deployment of technologies. First-hand, in-depth knowledge of the subject will allow us to d