Matteo Loizzo holds a Masters degree in aerospace engineering from Rome University “La Sapienza”. He is a professional engineer with a 20-years track record in the Oil & Gas and Carbon Storage sectors, working for Schlumberger in field operations, applied research and product development, and QHSE. He’s currently an independent consultant in well integrity and a trainer. Matteo has authored 28 technical papers and holds 6 patents; his research interests include gas migration and the thermodynamics of CO2. Brief portfolio of Matteo‘s consultancy projects: Assisting clients in understanding and improving integrity of wells at field level, and in qualifying wells for CO2 storage. Advanced evaluation has been used on onshore and offshore fields in the Netherlands, Japan, Denmark and Venezuela, and is currently being applied to 500+ wells in the Paris and Aquitaine Basins (France). Expertise in cement and corrosion has also underpinned single well failure analysis in France, the North Sea and Australia. Knowledge of every aspect of the cementing process and well integrity assurance has been used to provide training and to develop and implement a novel technology audit for an oilfield service company. Teaching courses on QHSE management systems in Europe and Africa and carrying out applied research on geologic barriers, the behavior of cement defects, leakage from gas wells, and the thermodynamics of long CO2 columns. Helping out at the GFZ (Potsdam, Germany), supporting PhD students and collaborating to the development of the Shale Gas Information Platform (SHIP). Worked on ways to cost externalities and on geothermal energy use, as part of a keen interest in sustainable development, especially when applied to the use of energy and the emission of greenhouse gases. With Extensive Expertise in: Cementing, Corrosion, Wellbore Integrity, Carbon Capture and Storage, Upstream Oil&Gas, Risk Management, HSSE, Sustainable Development, Project Management, Portfolio Management,Technology Development and Innovation