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  • Matteo Loizzo
  • Well Integrity Consultant
  • Germany
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Course description

This 3-day master-class seminar will provide a comprehensive, in-depth introduction to the discipline of well integrity, and discuss in detail how we can achieve it effectively and efficiently during the design and operational phases, as well as after wells are abandoned. We will cover both the engineering barriers and the administrative controls put in place through a Well Integrity Management System (WIMS) and we will review in depth the key concept of the barrier, the foundation of NORS OK and ISO standards. The topics will not be limited to man-made materials such as steel and cement: we will also focus on the huge advantages, as well as the challenges, of harnessing creeping formations to help achieve well integrity.

The sessions is focused on well integrity professionals who are encouraged to bring some of their challenges along so we can apply together the techniques and methods discussed in class. The seminar is interactive, participative and hands-on, supported by real-life examples and case studies; its open and relaxed atmosphere provides significant opportunities to network and exchange experience with peers and starts finding answers to actual challenges in a collaborative setting.

Key benefits

Explain the benefits of well integrity standards

Prioritize wells a consistent framework for risk

Design a tailored Well Integrity Management System

Analyze the causes of well integrity failure and formulate the most effective management and repair strategies- CEMS

Appraise existing and new technologies

Key takeaways

Demonstrate the business value of well integrity

Critically apply key international standards

Analyze the integrity risk of particular wells and fields

Classify aging processes that determine the current and future conditions of well barriers

Design an effective well integrity management system

Evaluate the benefits of different software, technologies and techniques

Plan for successful and efficient decommissioning phase

Appraise the role creeping formations can paly in well integrity



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