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  • Dr Ken Westlake
  • Proprietor
  • Westlake Associates, United Kingdom

Dr. Ken Westlake has 30 years experience of hazardous waste management consultancy and training, undertaking work in a large number of countries within Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America and the Middle East. Adopting a risk-based approach, this work has had a focus on systems for regulatory compliance and sustainable options for the management of both hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. With a past focus on landfill gas control and landfill risk management, he now also provides advice on alternative hazardous waste management options, including treatment of organic wastes, and related infrastructure and control requirements. He began his career as a microbial biochemist, but has since worked for 24 years in waste management consultancy and training, undertaking work in a number of overseas countries including Holland, Nigeria, Oman, Tanzania, Uruguay and the USA, as well as the UK. Consultancy work within the UK focuses on resource efficiency and the provision of advice and support on permitting and other waste legal- compliance issues. Work overseas typically supports waste masterplan development and the sustainable and cost-efficient collection and disposal of wastes. He has managed, and otherwise been involved in research and consultancy activities for The World Bank, the EU, the UK Department for International Development (DfID) The British Council, The Environment Agency and the former Departments of Energy and Environment. As a lecturer at Loughborough University (1992 – 1996) he tutored the post-graduate diploma in hazardous waste management and a number of short-course training programmes. He has delivered training to more than 3000 individuals and this has included, since its formation in 1996, bespoke training to The Environment Agency of England and Wales, as well as courses for CIWM, Safetykleen, Unichem plc, Celtic Recycling Ltd, Envirowise, NISP, Balfour Beatty Rail Projects, Iggesund Paperboard, The Environment Council, and many others.


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