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  • Dr. Moana Vercoe
  • Programs & Research Development
  • Chalhoub Consutancy

Dr. Moana Vercoe joined Chalhoub Consultancy as a full time consultancy in 2014, she has extensive experience in developing and delivering educational programs for the United States and international markets. For the past five years she has focused on Management and Finance in emerging and non-western contexts in developing curriculum content, case studies and other educational materials for Chalhoub Consultancy. In the past two years she has gained significant on-the-ground experience in Africa and Asia through consultancy projects and training programs.

Among her many qualification, Dr. Vercoe holds the New Zealand Diploma of Accountancy and Doctoral Degrees in Political Science and Economics from Claremont Graduate University, in California. While completing her MBA in Finance and Applied Psychology, Dr. Vercoe studied under renowned management guru, Peter F. Drucker. In addition, she holds advanced certification from the New Zealand Institutes of Management and Tourism. Dr. Vercoe served as Program Director for one of the world’s first NeuroEconomics Laboratories, where she managed a research team of 30. She has extensive experience in traditional and nontraditional, quantitative and qualitative research and analysis techniques, and has presented her research internationally and within the United States. She has consulted with companies, nonprofit organizations and governments, and has served as expert witness in cases focused on economic development and human rights.