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Crisis Management & Incident Control

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  • Eric Robert Dempsey
  • M.JOIFF G.I.Fire.E
  • ARC Fire Training Services
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A JOIFF Accredited

3 Year Certificate in Crisis & Emergency Response Management


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Course Description

Major Hazard Situations in the Oil & Gas Industry are fast moving, often dangerous and can be chaotic. To avoid this attendance on this course/seminar is essential to avoid casualties, total loss of your facility or loss of production. Over 70 % of companies that have a medium to large incident do not recover and go out of business. You are legally required to plan for and deal with emergencies emanating from your activities by national and International legislation.

The sheer range of potential incidents and emergencies that can disrupt or even stop production are increasing. If managed correctly then not all of these incidents will become critical or be classed as a crisis, but those that result in increased losses or put increased demand upon the organisation will have serious consequences for the company, the shareholders and stakeholders or the country itself badly damaging the reputation of all those involved in the response.

This course/seminar will teach you in a series of interactive discussions/desktop exercises/role play and videos - that meeting your commitment involves more than just being fully prepared.

Key Benefits

Understand the attributes between Incidents, Emergencies & Crisis Situations

Develop methods of how to avoid unnecessary escalation & how to design command & control response to each scenario

Learn how to enhance on-scene leadership capabilities and techniques

Apply best practice in organizing Emergency Control Centers (ECC) Emergency Response Teams (ERT) and Crisis Management Teams (CRT) to assist the Forward Incident Control (FIC)

Analyze the importance of human factor and the means to best allocate duties with regards to psychological readiness, recourse allocation, deployment, discipline, leadership & welfare

Key Takeaways

Evaluation of the latest risks to the oil & gas industry

Design of effective crisis management & emergency response strategies

Communication strategies for modern systems & outlets

Analysis and appraisal of industry case studies, table top – exercises with syndicate role playing

Enhancement of risk and business impact analysis


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