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  • Walid Semaan
  • Founder and President
  • Matrix TRC "Data Science and AI Academy
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Course description

This 3-day online live course is intended to expose participants to data science and AI best practices in the Pharmaceutical & Healthcare industry and introduce the big data ecosystem and how it can benefit from AI. It doesn’t limit itself to analytics, but to all disciplines to which modern data relates as well. In the course, you will go through several case studies and examples using healthcare data and Machine Learning tools. By the end of this course, participants will become connoisseurs of all techniques and technologies related to Pharma/Healthcare and Medical research that will allow them to get the best knowledge from their data.

Course Methodologies

To make things more than comprehensible, the famous Titanic case study will be analyzed under all analytics and ML algorithms and participants will translate it into Pharma/Healthcare and Medical business models. One real medical case from the Pharma/Healthcare and Medical research industries, Pulse will also be overviewed all along the workshop with dozens of generic case studies in parallel to cover all the steps necessary for running:

Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning

Neural networks family

Big Data and IoT overview

AI architecture design

All analytical methods and solutions are elaborated with step-by-step case studies with different examples to consolidate the comprehension of participants. Exhaustive documentation will support some topics with an exclusive face-to-face comparison between open source and proprietary technologies like SAS - SPSS – STATISTICA - Excel – R and Python.

Key takeaways


all "predictive" Machine Learning algorithms


“Unsupervised” Machine Learning solutions


patterns for market profiling and segmentation


the role of the internet and the big data ecosystem


all the components of a successful AI project


all Natural Language Processing techniques


the reality behind AI and its real world application


between “proprietary” and “open source” technologies


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