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ICCP - Institute for Certification of Computing ProfessionalsMember of Managing Board


Bashir Fancy is the Managing Director, Corporation Solutions & Services Inc., providing Risk Management, Governance, Security, Operations, IT consulting services globally. He is also considered a thought leader and asked to provide assistance to the corporate world and asked to speak at Global conferences in an environment where the pace of technology is creating serious skill gaps. These problems are further compounded by the Organizational culture.

Mr. Fancy served as the Executive Vice President for Risk Management & Security at the Visa Head Office and was also their Global Head of Internal Audit for Visa in San Francisco. He led original team that developed the “Account Information Security” – Data Security Standards (now known as PCI‐ DSS), impacting any Organization that stores, processes or transmits Credit or Debit card information.

Mr. Fancy is former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Canadian Information Processing Society National Board (CIPS) and current Board member of ICCP ( He was the Senior Executive Advisor, with Deloitte & Touché and held similar position at Grant Thornton.

Bashir Fancy also headed operations at Citibank, headed the Payments business at SNS (3rd party processor “Emergis”). Mr. Fancy has also held senior Management roles in Air Canada, Citibank, SNS ‐ 3rd party processor, “The Supermarket Group”, after starting his career at West, Wake & Price (Auditors) – became part of Price Waterhouse.