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Dr. Eilen Arctander Vik

Research Manager

Aquateam COWI AS

Managing director in Aquateam. Established Aquateam together with three colleagues from the Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) in 1984. Eight years experience from R&D in NIVA, including 2 years as Research Manager for NIVA's drinking water research. One year appointment at the National Institute of Public Health to develop Guidelines for water treatment and drinking water distribution. One year appointment as manager for the National Research Council's (NRC) Environmental Pollution R&D section. Research Manager for NRC's Program for Industrial Environmental Technology with the responsibility of preparing The Norwegian R&D Strategy for Environmental Technology development. In Aquateam Offshore Industry Group Manager from 1990-2011 and assistant Managing director from 1995. Vik was responsible for developing and operating Aquateam's laboratory services in ecotoxicology and in environmental risk assessment and responsible for establishing and operating Aquateam's GLP laboratory for ecotoxicological testing from 1994-1998. Vik has been project manager for numerous international R&D initiatives and is presently project manager for a major Enhanced Oil Recovery Joint Industry Project.


Dr. Bjorn Rusten

Senior Consultant

Aquateam COWI AS

Senior Consultant in Aquateam COWI since 2013. Joined Aquateam in 1985, with six years of experience from the Norwegian Institute of Technology and SINTEF, and one year of experience from Montana State University, MT, USA. International expert on mechanical, biological and chemical treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater, including process water from onshore oil and gas processing and chemical industries. More than 100 papers published in refereed scientific journals or conference proceedings. Has 40 years of experience in: Laboratory, pilot and full scale testing of both physical/chemical and biological treatment processes; start-up, trouble shooting and optimization of full scale treatment plants; feasibility studies; preliminary and detailed process design. Experience from many international projects in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Project leader for several international and national R&D projects. Advisor for M.Sc. and Ph.D. students at three universities.