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  • Dr. Daniel Balos
  • RBI Consultant
  • MPA - University of Stuttgart, Materials Testing Institute
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Course description

This course covers, in-depth, the causes of corrosion. Starting by thoroughly reviewing the fundamental thermodynamic driving force of corrosion. We will look at the effects of the operating environment and material of construction and explain their interaction in order to explain the corrosion phenomena. Control of corrosion, barriers, their durability, limitations, and applicability will be also looked in-depth. At last, we will look at the various methods how to inspect for corrosion and how to reliably establish credible corrosion rates based on various non-destructive and destructive measurements. New trends in online corrosion monitoring will be discussed.

Key Takeaways


various corrosion appearances - it is not all about the rust (pitting, cracking and more)


whether corrosion is local or general – to be able to detect it and measure it


how to prevent and control corrosion

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