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  • Kjell Porle
  • ESP expert
  • ESP Technologies AB, Sweden

Kjell graduated 1963 in Electrical Engineering. After a few years with ASEA (now ABB) he joined Fläkt 1966 in Växjö, Sweden, a well-known supplier of ESPs globally. The name of the company Fläkt has changed through the years and became ABB, Alstom and recently GE. Kjell retired 2005 and have since then had a consulting company, ESP Technologies AB. Kjell has written numerous of papers which have been published at various conferences and also on behalf of EU he authored and edited a textbook: Electrostatic Precipitators for Industrial Applications.

He was under a long period a Board Member of the International Society of Electrostatic Precipitation ( and served as the President of the Society 2001-2004. The society arranges conferences every second year at convenient locations around the world. Kjell has got the International Fellow Award and the Frederick Cottrell Award for outstanding achievements of the ESP Technology. Among customers can be mentioned the World Bank, Zhejiang University in Hangzhou (associated consultant for three years), China and various users and suppliers all over the world. Kjell has been working with e.g. design, trouble-shooting, development and controls and has been responsible for how to apply the technology for different applications.