Decision Analysis in Drug Research & Development

This course is designed for drug R&D professionals who wish to develop their skills and knowledge in decision analysis, and to use these techniques to drive value and innovation.

Major Downstream Plant Revamps, Upgrades & Transformations

During this intensive 4-day training, we will look in detail at every step of planning and executing a major revamp project illustrated with real-life case studies from projects executed at refineries, fertilizer, and ethylene plants.

Downstream Oil & Gas Water Management

This course is designed to address the challenges of water and wastewater treatment in downstream oil and gas industry by covering the topics of onshore water storage and processing, environmental legislations, water quality, waste water treatment and meeting HSE requirements.

New Vaccines – New Therapies

A scientific & technical expedition through the world of vaccines and their dedicated therapies for human use.

Managed Pressure Drilling

This 3-day master-class workshop will provide a comprehensive introduction to Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) and its key role in overcoming the limitations of the traditional mud window while enabling safer well construction.

Advanced Risk Based Machinery Management

The course provides the basic RBM framework and goes into details into the methods and tools – methodology toolbox for its implementation.

Condition Monitoring Overview

This three-day training course will provide participants the basics of the most commonly used condition monitoring techniques and the information needed to establish or improve condition monitoring programs in their organizations.

Lyophilization in Pharma & Biotech

This training course provides an overview of how to develop an optimized freeze-drying process, from freezing, primary and secondary drying to what is required to successfully move the cycle to scale-up for production.

Signal Management in Pharmacovigilance

This practical course provides an in-depth understanding of signal detection, signal validation & assessment as well as signal communication.

Good Laboratory Practice & Good Clinical Laboratory Practice

This two-day course with workshop and case examples is designed for Managers and Sponsors of GLP and/or GCP Studies to develop a working knowledge of GLP and GCP requirements to support the implementation of the Quality Management System in a GLP and/or GCP setting.