Total Safety Leadership: From Accidents to Zero

This Safety Leadership Training helps provides a toolkit of high-impact tools designed to drive positive change & build a culture of safety in your organization.

Certified Patient Experience Program American Institute for Healthcare Quality

The course emphasizes a team approach to patient experience improvement methods utilizing available and effective tools to achieve maximum patient engagements in care processes. Participants will be able to design, organize and evaluate a basic program for patient experience related to customer service, hospitality, cultural diversity, safety and effective outcome in a healthcare facility.

Strategic HR Business Partner Certification Program

The most effective HR professionals today possess an entirely new set of competencies, ranging far beyond human resource functions. This intensive three-day course builds the financial acumen and consulting skills necessary for HR professionals to have a meaningful impact on the future of the business, beyond just talent management.

Warehouse Safety Risk Management

This course will give participants an understanding of the concepts at work in order to be stronger leaders of safety and hold meaningful conversations with their own businesses, insurers and enforcers alike.

Mile2 Certified Information Systems Security Officer

The CISSO course is designed for a forward-thinking security professional or consultant that manages or plays a key role in an organization’s information security department.

Operational Risk Scenario Development and Stress Testing

Simultaneously, stress testing has become widely recognized as a critical element of risk management and decision-making for banks, and a core tool for banking supervisors and macroprudential authorities. Together, these two developments have propelled operational risk scenario analysis and stress testing to the forefront as the most viable method of quantifying operational risk at a granular and company-specific level.

Cyber Security Governance Risk and Compliance: The Path to success

This course enables you to develop the necessary expertise to support an organization in designing, implementing, operating and maintaining controls and processes that respond to today’s complex and challenging risk landscape considering the technical, legal, ethical and business challenges to be addressed. We focus on the key aspects of Cyber Security, Information Security and Data Protection that you need to be a successful security practitioner demanded by organisations worldwide.

Advanced Certificate in Procurement Compliance (ACPC™)

This course goes big on the compliance function of the procurement department. As one of the most scrutinized departments esp. in Public Institutions, it is relevant for this function to be closely monitored and audited to ensure compliance.

Certified Blockchain Professional

The course aims to bring practitioners up to speed with the industry requirements while forming the global standards in the Blockchain Industry, one of the fastest growing disciplines.

Finance for Non-Finance Managers: A Practical Approach

This course is aimed to help the Managers in understanding and acquiring financial skills based on industry best practices in financial regulatory measures. Participants will successfully learn the financial essentials, including effective cost control and budgeting activities, as well as the ability to apply their knowledge in making important business decisions.