Flow Assurance

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The journey of production fluid from reservoir to market involves many disciplines using advanced technologies. Ageing fields develop flow assurance problems as time goes by and ever-deeper fields bring new challenges that extend the envelope our industry can safely and economically produce. There are many challenges during transport of oil and gas through pipelines. These challenges require a real grasp of the fundamentals in fluid mechanics, heat transfer, phase changes, deposition and/or obstruction, erosion and new technologies to ensure a reliable and cost-effective provision of oil and gas. Deep water production, heavy oils, high water production, severe slugging, hydrates, sour gases, asphaltenes and waxes make this task even harder.

This course will provide a good understanding of the flow assurance topics along with case studies from real industry examples. We will provide the participants with a deep dive to flow assurance domain and the latest developments in subsea systems technology such as subsea processing and subsea boosting, the effects of the changes of fluid pressure and temperature within these structures until the hydrocarbon fluid gets to shore or a floating/fixed production host, to assure flow 100% uptime (or flow assurance). We will conclude the course with looking at the flow assurance challenges involving some of the latest industry applications such as CCS, hydrogen and CO2 transport.

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