Ana Rita Gomes

Business Development Director


Ana Rita Gomes has been the Business Development Director of Multicare (from Fidelidade Group) since 2017. Multicare is the leading health insurance provider in Portugal with 37% market share and is well known for its high quality service and innovation.

In these function, Rita supports the board on the development of the strategic initiatives roadmap and is responsible for the implementation of innovative, strategic or transformational projects such as:

  • development of the telemedicine platform (Online Medicine), which gained two prizes last year for its contribution to the innovation and sustainability of the health sector;
  • evolution of the prevention program towards personalization and promotion of healthy habits, in addition to early disease detection;
  • development of healthcare ecosystems, for healthy clients and chronic patients.

Before joining Multicare, Rita has worked in consulting (A.T. Kearney and IMS Health) and in the industry (Portugal Telecom and Jazztel) responsible for consulting and business strategy teams in Portugal, Greece and Italy. During these period, we can highlight the experience in supporting the launch of new companies, in preparing the strategy and business models to launch new products or enter in new geographies, in leading due diligence processes from buyer and seller sides, or in planning/ developing new digital platforms with over €20 million investment.

Rita holds an MBA by Universidade Nova and a Management degree by Universidade Católica Portuguesa de Lisboa.