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  • Will Lichtig
  • Executive Vice President, Performance & Innovation
  • The Boldt Company

Will Lichtig is the Executive Vice President of Performance and Innovation Resources for The Boldt Company and a frequent speaker at industry events. Will is a nationally recognized leader in the lean and integrated project delivery movements. He has been at the forefront in the development of Integrated Lean Project Delivery® (ILPD) process. In his role at The Boldt Company, Will works with teams to develop and implement lean process for target value design, lean production planning and control, Built in Quality, lean problem solving, and other key processes that provide innovative approaches to project delivery. He also provides leadership coaching to project teams as they develop the wherewithal to deliver projects using lean methods.

Will has been a frequent lecturer to all segments of the planning, design and construction industry, speaking to regional, national and international gatherings of architects, engineers, contractors and owners concerning the fundamentals of ILPD as well as issues confronted during implementation. With his insight and his passion for the continuous improvement of the project delivery process, Will’s work helps promote project success.