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  • Dr.Tijs Koerts
  • Sr. Process Safety Consultant & EPSC Operations Director
  • Koerts PSM Consultancy, Netherlands
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Course description

Investigating a work-site incident - a fatality, injury, illness, or close call - provides employers and workers with the opportunity to identify hazards in their operations and shortcomings in their safety and health programs. Most importantly, it enables employers and workers to identify and implement the corrective actions necessary to prevent future incidents. Incident investigations that focus on identifying and correcting root causes, not on finding fault or blame, also improve workplace morale and increase productivity, by demonstrating an employer’s commitment to a safe and healthful workplace.

This course provides the delegates with an overview of incident investigation. The motivation for this course is to outline a procedure of incident investigation that is objective and satisfies most regulatory requirements.

The purpose of this 2-day training course is to learn the lessons, determine the root cause of the incidents and develop effective measures to avoid such incidents in future.

Key topics

The Incident Investigation Protocol

Effective Incident Investigation Process

Fault Tree Analysis

Barrier Analysis

Key benefits

Achieve a comprehensive overview of incident investigation and reporting

Get the complete understanding of various incident investigation methods

Learn how to use effective investigation and interviewing techniques to gather complete, objective and accurate data

Develop understanding of how to analyze incidents to identify root causes

Practice their own fault tree analysis on a selected incident

Develop effective measures to prevent future incidents in hazardous environments


“Very useful training for everybody who is operating a refinery to realize what should be improved regarding process safety. “

— Attila Veres
Process Safety Manager, MOL, Hungary

“PSM training was very useful and shows very practical approach to process safety. “

— Pavol Valent
PSM Senior Expert, Slovnaft, Slovakia

“A really useful course on process safety management! I feel that every engineer working in the chemical, pharmaceutical or oil&gas industries would find this course particularly interesting. “

—Adelino Duran
Mechanical Engineer, Corbion, Netherlands


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