NEBOSH certifications: Process Safety Management and Oil & Gas Operational Safety

NEBOSH Process Safety Management certification and from Oil & Gas Operational Safety certifications Patrick CaskenHealth & Safety consultantArmada OSH Ltd (AOSH), United Kingdom What makes Process Safety Management certificate different from other NEBOSH certifications?   Process safety management is a blend of engineering and management skills. It focuses on the prevention of catastrophic accidents and … Continued

Total Safety Leadership

This 2-day masterclass will help you to build a practical toolkit of simple, high-impact tools and techniques designed to develop your leadership capability and confidence, and return rapid results in your workplace now.

Around the world in 121 days – a journey through global safety cultures

How to Become More Positive in 30 Days or less

How to Become More Positive in 30 Days or less Written by Hari Kalymnios Wellbeing in the workplace is about all your employees having the health, vitality and energy to excel in their roles and outperform the competition. Read the article by Hari Kalymnios and make your employees more positive in just 30 days. Equip … Continued

Certified Hazardous Waste Management and Pollution

This four day course will give some details on these various types of contaminants and the new frontiers in eliminating or minimizing these contaminants, the use of effective non-hazardous products in your company and also environmentally acceptable methods of disposal for both hazardous and nonhazardous wastes.

Lead your safety culture towards Zero Accidents with prof. Andrew Sharman

Lead your safety culture towards Zero Accidents with prof. Andrew Sharman Fleming. safety trainings are led by Professor Andrew Sharman, undeniably a great expert in the HSE field. He will nudge you onto the right path to become a safety leader. Make yourself a coffee and sink into the series ‘SHARMAN ON SAFETY’ filled with … Continued

Process Safety Management Training

This course will answer these questions and is an absolute must to assure the safety of coworkers, to protect the environment and to avoid serious business loss.

The Safety MBA Training

This innovative, interactive program fills the gap that lies at the heart of achieving success in your organization by enabling you to develop an authentic leadership style which will motivate everyone in
your organization to join you on the journey to health and safety excellence.

NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management

The NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management is all about keeping people safe from injury and loss of life. For employers this also means protecting valuable assets and avoiding prosecution, litigation and loss of reputation.

Total Safety Leadership

Learn more about Safety Excellence and the Journey to Zero accidents at Total Safety Leadership by Fleming.