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Key Themes & Topic Highlights

Embracing contemporary regulatory landscape
& preparing for the future

Increasing customer value chain
in the digital distribution world

Exploring the essentials of Green Finance
regulations and their impact on the industry

Developing new business models for collaboration in digital ecosystems

Discussing data-based digital strategies for mobile distribution channels

Closer look at Robotic advisory benefits in financial services

Stream A

Diving deep into Insurance channels

Benchmarking the relationship with the customer among different distribution channels

Successful implementation of new technologies within distribution departments

Stream B

Diving deep into Bancassurance channels

Enhancing the Bancassurance distribution through closer integration with a bank

Optimizing your digital processes & structure to keep pace with the competition

Esteemed Speakers

Special Features

Fast-fire throwback session: Bringing the questions back

Insurtech & Fintech spin-offs: One-stop Shop for Tech Innovation

Breakout roundtable session: Probing deeper into the open environment challenges

Human Factor: Leveraging talent management in your financial services

Closing Fishbowl discussion: Takeaways collection           

Key Takeaways

Exploring upcoming regulatory initiatives of European Green Deal & ePrivacy Regulation

Best practices on internal compliance change management

How to align your products with suitable channels to create added value

How to make your digital channels as appealing as an Amazon store

Best practices for integrated Bancassurance models aligned with your brand character

Tackling the challenges with implementation of new technologies

Understanding the potential of cooperation & partnering in product development

How to prepare for the upcoming expansion of direct digital channels customer base

How to attract, recruit, train, manage and retain people working in distribution

How can platforms & ecosystems boost your customer experience?

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