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  • Abdulhussain Tejani
  • Senior Faculty
  • Human Capital Institute
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Course description

In the past, leaders were the ones who had maximum access to information and were seen as being able to predict the future. Employees had a reassuring, if not false sense of security that top executives knew how to solve all the difficult challenges and solutions. This no longer holds true.

Until recently, leadership has been about setting a definitive strategy and instructing people on how to execute it. The world has changed and as you are all aware; we live in interesting times. The world has changed, unpredictability is the new predictability, and traditional rules for how to lead do not apply any more. Thus, with this in mind, I have designed a course that will after this course enhance your capacity to:

  • Step back and have a perspective and see a bigger picture;
  • Realize you have the power to shape the future.
  • Stop feeling afraid of the unknown.
  • Empower yourself to lead; and not wait for permission or the right job title.
  • Apply the new leadership traits that this organization and the world needs.

The course has been specifically designed for First Quantum with a view to taking leadership to the next level given the kind of industry it represents. It focuses on what is key to leadership which is, ‘the inner core’. The ability to look under the hood is the most compelling lesson within the realms of leadership.

To support your application of becoming a new you, you will be invited to cultivate a new set of leadership traits. These being:

  • fearless, unconventional, tenacious, unifying, resilient, empathetic;
  • super-adaptable, smart working, authentic, proactive, energizing, resourceful

As part of the course, there will be some pre-work that will prepare the groundwork for some of the concepts we will cover, thus giving you a firsthand perspective of where FQM is and the journey onwards.

Course Outlines

Emotional Intelligence – key foundational stone

Understanding yourself – overcoming your self-biases
Understanding others – taking others on the journey to success
Strengthsfinder – discovering the real you 
Change Management – managing change before it enslaves you
Bureaucracy versus Trustocracy
Organizational Design Principles and the cost impact
Managing versus Leading – the key leadership dilemma
Having difficult conversations – a challenging skill that leaders struggle with
Continuous development – status quo is akin to signing your career away
Empathy and tough love – the elusive ingredient
Data economy – the new currency
Case Study – how it is done in an industry similar to FQM
Leadership in the African Context – is it different or do the same principles apply

Join us in Nairobi

Nairobi is the principal industrial centre of the country. The railways are the largest single industrial employer. Light-manufacturing industries produce beverages, cigarettes, and processed food. Tourism is also important. The city is located near eastern Africa’s agricultural heartland, and a number of primary products are routed through Nairobi before being exported via Mombasa. Nairobi also plays an important role in the community of eastern African states; it is the headquarters of important regional railways, harbours, and airways corporations.


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