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Locatee is a Zurich-based company, creating the future of office buildings. Locatee not only helps companies to optimize their workspace and to make better and faster real estate decisions, it also shapes the way employees interact with the office buildings.

Our big data platform "Locatee Analytics" augments the physical workspace with real-time data to create smart and occupant-oriented office buildings. The highly scalable Software-as-a-Solution approach allows to analyse actual use of office space across a company's entire portfolio, buildings, floors or departments. Intelligent big data algorithms analyse data from the existing IT infrastructure continuously and in real-time and provide insights into space efficiency, mobility and collaboration behaviours of the entire organisation. As a result, no physical interventions or expensive hardware installations are necessary.

With more than 50 use cases Locatee helps companies to optimize their work environment, increase satisfaction and productivity as well as increase space efficiency by up to 50 %.

Besides space optimization, Locatee offers a smartphone app that helps employees to find free desks, meeting rooms or even colleagues and enables them to give direct feedback and report problems about the work environment, infrastructure, etc.

Thanks to Locatee some of the largest organisations in Switzerland and abroad such as Swiss Post, Zurich Insurance, UPC and ABB are able to intelligently optimise their office buildings and shape the way how people interact with their workspace.

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