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Marketing and CX in the Pharmaceutical Industry Conference

Delivering consistent and rewarding CX across multiple channels

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Prestigious speakers

Key topic

Digital breakthroughs in Pharma marketing

Customer-centric multichannel marketing

Embracing customer experience in Pharma

Disruptive technologies for the future

Key Takeaways

Success-proven stories from digital Phama leaders

Multi-channel strategies customization and alignment

Fundamental selling points of customer-centric marketing

Grasping the full potential of digital social space

CX practice lessons from leaders in different industries

Best practices for establishing rewarding customer engagement

Establish a prosperous relationship with your customer and measure his satisfaction

Threats of shifting responsibility from human to machine automation

Special Features

L'Oreal keynote – Digital inspiration for Pharma

Multichannel mastery workshop

Virtual Reality Showcase

Problem-solving Roundtable: "unexpected struggles"


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Hotel NH Carlton Amsterdam

Vijzelstraat 4, 1017 HK, Amstedam, The Netherlands


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