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  • Shirley Liu
  • Vice President Marketing & Digital
  • L'Oréal, France

Multi-cultural and a modern global citizen, Shirley holds British and Taiwanese dual citizenships, grew up in Thailand, is UK- and US- educated and a Parisienne at heart. Such unique perspective underlines her 12-year international marketing career with leading Cosmetic giants, L'Oréal and Estée Lauder in the United Kingdom, France and the Asia-Pacific region.

As a corporate executive, Shirley has a strong record of accomplishments in all key disciplines of strategic Marketing: global product development, operational and digital marketing with a unique capacity to build alliances between Consumer Insight, R&I, Manufacturing and Retail stakeholders to drive innovation and market gain. She is a firm believer that Psychology plays a critical role in business and builds her successful marketing career around this conviction.

Shirley works and resides in Paris, France and travels frequently within Europe, to the US and Asia to champion talks on Marketing expertise as well as the importance of Authentic Leadership, Compassionate Profitability in the corporate world and poverty alleviation through Conscientious Mentoring.