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  • John Bullock
  • Director & Owner
  • Solution Focused, Learning and Development Consultancy

For a Leader to be successful requires an element of self-reflection and the need to ask 5 questions:

How to generate the right mind-set and "Behaviours culture" in organisation/team?

Does the organisation/team clarity of Vision & Strategy and motivation to achieve it?

Does the organisation/team have new ideas and plans in place to reach the Vision & Strategy?

Is the organisation/team taking the right actions and measuring those actions sustainably?

What is Leadership responsibility and are the leaders taking the responsibility?

Benefits of Attending

Recognise what “Visionary Leadership” is and how you can become that person

Understand the need for “Values” and the applications in the workplace

Understand the difference between “Characteristics and behaviours” and understand that great leaders are not clones

Understand and develop the traits of inspirational leaders

Influence people around you to create high performing individuals and teams

Generate the right mind-set and “Behaviours culture” in the organisation/team

Recognize that our own thinking influences our behaviours

Generate fresh ideas from your team(s) and in a way that will allow for Goal Cascade & Communication


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Based on your specific needs and goals, we will build a training program that will equip your employees with the right set of skills and practical knowledge to achieve your organization's targets.

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