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Richard Tully


Compliant Medical Devices Ltd

I am Richard Tully, currently the Director at Compliant Medical Devices Ltd. We are a medical device consultancy company who specialise in the European and Saudi Regulations. I started my professional life as an electrical engineer and had a lot of fun working off-shore and in dozens of different factories as part of a specialist electrical company. I went back to school at Brunel University to play with much lower voltages and completed my Masters in silicon design. I remained in engineering and expanded into mechanical, pneumatic and software design. In 2005 I joined a small company designing anaesthetic equipment targeted at developing countries. These products are now sold in over 40 countries worldwide. I joined a Notified Body as a Technical Expert in 2011 and spent more than six years auditing and teaching all over the world. In 2017 I moved into consultancy where I enjoy doing much the same supporting manufacturers as well as Notified Bodies and a Competent Authority.