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4th Annual

Motor Insurance & Telematics Conference

Evolution of motor insurance & connected environment

  • 14/02/2019 - 15/02/2019
  • Munich, Germany

Connected motor insurance in smart society

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This Year’s Highlights

+ Speakers
+ Attendees
Dedicated Streams
+ Hours of Informal Discussions

C-level Debate

Automotive Industry Speakers

“Know Your Peers” Cocktail Reception

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Prestigious speakers

Key takeaways

How will full implementation of autonomous vehicles change the essentials of motor insurance?

How to make best use of data collected for underwriting purposes?

Find out when level 5 autonomous vehicles will hit the road

Witness the power of automatically generated AI claims reports

How is shared mobility shaping the automotive industry and insurance?

Get insights on revision of the EU Motor Insurance Directive

Best practices – building a business case for value added services in telematics insurance

How to increase partnership with body shops to lower rate of fraud repairs

Advantages of combined and connected insurance for fleets

How to keep up with millennials' expectations and still bring value for other age groups

Cross-selling solutions for motor insurance and its place in pipeline

How to overcome data sharing insecurity and tracking device skepticism

Find a working balance of traditional and digital processes in claims

How to overcome cultural challenges and motivate clients to buy data driven products

How to avoid the epidemic of “uninsuredness after Brexit”

Special Features

Customer Big Debate

Changing the social paradigm in connected insurance

Brainstorming Panel

Questioning unconventional solutions to conventional challenges

C-level Strategic Panel

Creating commercial telematics insurance

Opening Keynote

Disruptions in the European automotive industry

Claims Big Debate

Disrupting the status quo of motor claims

Stream Focus

Exploring the disruptions in insuring electronic autonomous vehicles

Optimizing the product portfolio in the shared economy era

Fraud prevention and detection in contemporary society

Manufacturer's insights on technical progress in the motor industry

The impact of future digital distribution on insurance margins and price

One month before Brexit – what can an insurer expect?

Evaluation of full in-house telematics-driven produ

The imperative shift from data-driven algorithms to active risk management

Emphasizing telematics-driven insurance for autonomous cars

Utilizing advantages of connected products for sustainable margins

Making profit from customized insurance products for fleets and other assets

Benchmarking behavioral science on telematics and connected insurance


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“Very good overview on trends and practical implications of telematics, fraud and the future of motor insurance. Practical examples and case studies.”


Deirdre Keary

“Great event for networking and gathering deep industry insights.”

Marcel Kurath

“Very good schedule and time keeping. Good organization overall.”


Jochen Dass



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Munich, the third most populous city in Germany, is famous for its beautiful architecture, fine culture, and the annual Oktoberfest beer celebration. Munich represents the balance between the ability to stay at the forefront of technological developments and maintain its cultural heritage.

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