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Vibration Analysis Cat 2
This is 4-half day course concentrates on the theory behind vibrations, their characteristics and how these characteristics are used to analyse problems in equipment. The course will begin with covering the theory and characteristics of vibration.


Total Safety Leadership: From Accidents to Zero
This program operates as a dynamic learning experience, where content is shaped, tailored and co-created between the facilitator and participants, based around 8 core modules.


Fitness for Service Assessments
This 5-days advanced course provides guidance for conducting FFS assessments using methodologies as covered in the de-facto industry standard API 579/ASME FFS-1, applicable to the pressurized equipment.


Toxicology, ADME & Early Drug Development Plan
Building an Integrated Safety Testing Strategy based on ADME and Toxicology. The purpose of this Toxicology, ADME & Early Drug Development Plan is to understand the concept of a combined ADME-Toxicology approach.


Life & Health Insurance Summit
Life & Health Insurance Summit - the great reset to endure and flourish in the years ahead.


Big Data & Process Analytics
Data Science is one of the newest technologies that will bring significant benefits to Chemical Process plant Operation now and will become increasingly important in the near future.