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Noam Zeigerson is Chief Data Officer at Tandem Bank. He oversees the ongoing data points, training Artificial Intelligence and Data Governance. His expertise is at the core of the Tandem offering, leading on analysis and data insights that inform business strategy and customer benefit.

Noam is the founder of the 1 st World’s AI Solution for Digital Marketing – AIMEE, invented and delivered to the North American and EU markets a successfully proven technology.

Before joining Tandem, Noam was Executive Vice President of Data & Analytics at Bank Hapoalim, Israel's largest bank. There he built a Greenfield Data Lake, introduced over 30 open source technologies and launched the AI environment with more than 30 User Cases a year with increased revenue of £50m a year.

He was also the Global Chief Technologies Office for AI & Big Data at Ness Technologies. With over 18 years of experience in Data & Analytics, Noam is a charismatic and confident speaker in AI, Big Data, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Governance and Data Monetization, As a Proficient International Executive and Entrepreneur Noam yielded improved performance levels for clients in Revenue, Profit, Customer Loyalty, Risk Management and Financial Management.