Arabian-Finnish Waste Refining Company ARAFIN provides waste refining solutions in the MENA region. The waste refining and waste-to-energy concepts are based predominantly on Finnish cleantech expertise. ARAFIN’s offering provides different ways to extract valuable raw materials and to convert the energy content of waste into a useful form and usage. The solutions are suitable for different kind of waste streams, such as municipal solid waste, hazardous waste, e-waste, and end-of-life vehicles. ARAFIN has an end-to-end lifecycle business model, which means the company takes over the waste as a service and produces end products to the market. ARAFIN is a joint venture between the Finnish Eera Waste Refining Oy (Ltd) and Omani Daud Group of Companies. Eera Waste Refining establishes, owns and operates Waste-to-Energy facilities mainly in