Energy Evergreens – courses that we have organized for more than a decade

In a landscape where energy’s significance continues to grow, our commitment to encourage innovation, expertise, and knowledge remains more vital than ever. For years, we have organized many trainings shaping the energy discourse. Among these, a select few have stood the test of time and thrived for over a decade. Join us, as we dive into the journey of our renowned energy courses, highlighting a decade of dedication, impact, and transformation.

The Shutdown & Turnaround Management (STO)

The Shutdown & Turnaround Management course has been a game-changer since its launch in 2013 and has acquired the status of an eagerly awaited annual fixture, at times, even more frequent, serving as a beacon of excellence in the industry.

Tom Lenahan | Fleming

Tom Lenahan

Tom Lenahan, a true legend in STO Management, is the brains behind this operation. His innovative ideas have transformed shutdown and turnaround activities from mere operational necessities into meticulously planned and managed endeavors’. In a landscape where major corporations set up significant STO undertakings approximately every half-decade, often spanning a mere 4-6 weeks in execution, the key lies in the exhaustive and precise groundwork. As one STO event comes to an end, preparation for the next one begins, with continuous anticipation and rigorous implementation. Refineries and plants face one of the most challenging trials in this process, and the consequences of inadequate planning are shocking, manifesting in multimillion-dollar losses.

The backbone of this course is Tom Lenahan’s paradigm-shifting concept called “The Model of Excellence for Turnarounds.” It is based on his four decades of practical experience, including consultation, participation, and more than 300 STO audits. It serves as an essential guidebook for every professional navigating the complex world of shutdown and turnaround management.

This course runs exclusively through Fleming only, so get ready to dive into the nitty-gritty of STO with the coolest minds in the game!

Praise from our valued participants:

“Tom has triggered me in several areas of TA management. Thank You!”
Jochem Vervaet, Technical Process Owner Turnarounds, Yara, Belgium

“This course gave a very comprehensive overview of the TA process. Very informative due to the practical experience of Tom.”
Erik Matser, Shutdown Coordinator, Alco Energy, The Netherlands

“All areas were very well covered with a lot of practical experience and real-life examples from the trainer.”
Dragan Barisic, Mechanic GP1, NIS, Serbia

“This event showed me the opportunities to improve our TA process and make it believe it’s possible”
Jos Lutgens, Maintenance Manager, Shin Etsu, The Netherlands

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In-line Inspection and Inspection of Challenging Pipelines

Since its beginning in 2004, the annual “In-line Inspection and Inspection of Challenging Pipelines” training program has evolved significantly, adapting its format and content to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry. Over the years, this intensive course has undergone transformations, varying from 2 to 4 days in duration and focusing on different individual aspects such as Inline Inspection, Inspection of Challenging Pipelines, and even Offshore Pipeline Inspection. After refining the curriculum, the current 4-day version emerged as the pinnacle of the training, offering participants a comprehensive and invaluable education in the field of pipeline inspection.

Konrad Reber | Speaker | Fleming

Konrad Reber

Michael Beller | Fleming

Michael Beller

This course is led by Konrad Reber and Michael Beller, both well-known experts in the field. Their expertise has elevated the course to the level of ” Masters of Pipeline Inspection”. During those 4 days attendees delve into the fundamentals of Inline inspection, master the complexity of inspecting challenging pipelines, explore various inspection tools and methodologies, and grasp the essentials of monitoring and reporting practices. It has become the so-called “encyclopedia of Pipeline Inline Inspection.

This course is exclusively organized by Fleming since 2013 solidifying its reputation as an essential resource for pipeline professionals seeking to excel in their field.

 Don’t just take our word for it:

“Highly participatory and inclusive course! I have gained a lot of knowledge, excellent trainers, nice and inspiring group. “
Kostas Golfinopoulos, CEO, Atom Group, Greece

“It was a complete course in which I completed my knowledge related to ILI Inspection and inspection of challenging pipelines. Thank you to the trainers!”
Paul Oancea, Director Regional Operations Center, Transgaz, Romania

Great course with experienced facilitators. Great learning and discussions
Anders Simonsen, Pipeline Engineer, Shell

“There is a great deal of knowledge you can gain from this course. “
Tzahi Mor, Mechanical Engineer, EAPC

“Very good course for explaining basics and theory regarding pipeline inspection. “
Paul Richardson, Pipelines Development Specialist, National Grid

“Very knowledgeable lecturers with lots of relevant examples and relevant material. Will be very useful for future pigging activity planning to get the most value from these activities. Thanks. “
Principal Integrity Engineer, Centrica Energy

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Corrosion Under Insulation

Since its launch in 2013, the Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) training program has been a pivotal resource in the field with an annual, and at times more frequent, schedule. This program has consistently offered valuable insights into combating the prevalent issue of corrosion under insulation.

Dr. Clare Watt | Fleming

Clare Watt

Dr. Steve Paterson | Fleming

Steve Paterson

The training course, expertly crafted by the late specialist Stefan Winnik, who developed the EFC 55 CUI guidelines that reshaped the very foundations of the CUI community. The training course stands as a testament to his enduring legacy.  Since 2019, Clare Watt and Steve Paterson have adeptly led the course, delivering it both in-person and online. The course takes an independent approach to the intricate topic of CUI management. It recognizes the ongoing challenges that inspectors and corrosion engineers face and continues to be an essential tool for successfully navigating the complex world of corrosion under insulation.

What have our delegates said:

“Fast paced, excellent material and a must for all corrosion and inspection engineers, there is something for even the most experienced to learn in an area where the industry is still challenged and requires skilled people to make the right decisions for the safety of their plants.”
James McKechnie, Principal Materials Engineer/Technical Authority, Woodside Energy, Australia

“Great course, gave excellent insight and provided us with the tools to tackle this problem at our own plant.”
Leon Kanters, Reliability Engineer, Trespa, Netherlands

“Excellent course, very informative of theory but backed up by industrial experience.”
James Dwan, Principal, Dwan Forensic Engineering, Ireland

“This course gives a total insight on CUI”
Anthony Vervischt, Inspection Engineer, BASF, Belgium

“Overall a very good masterclass! “
Alwin Haverdings, Mechanical Engineer, Shell, The Netherlands

“This course offered a complete CUI overview for all levels of experience within this industry given by two very knowledgeable presenters. Their willingness to address each trainee’s query and the combination of in-depth content along with industry case studies made this course unique and very beneficial. Highly recommended course!”
Mohamad Jaber, Inspection Engineer, Applus, Australia

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We are thrilled to have provided courses that have made a lasting impact on numerous industry professionals. Looking ahead, we’re as committed as ever to learning and growing, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds in store!

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