CATEC Headquartered in Abu Dhabi – UAE and established in 2004; with Eleven (11) years of experience CATEC is a specialized leading company in providing top notch enterprise services and web development projects to all its clients. CATEC has expanded its operations by opening a branch in Dubai – UAE, a Business Development and Research Center in Amman – Jordan, three offices in Saudi Arabia – Riyadh /Khoper /Jeddah, along with an office in Doha – Qatar; Those offices extend CATEC’s database to maintain its recognition as a leading company in the region, along with focusing on fulfilling its customers’ needs while maintaining high quality standards. CATEC is acknowledged by its expertise, efficiency, high quality, team work productivity, and turning threats into opportunities; keeps track of the latest technological updates, human resource training and development, as well as quality assurance in order to maintain its leading position in the web development and enterprise service fields. Cubic Art followed EFQM international standards in planning, designing and developing this solution; these standards that inspire organizations and business leaders, to create a world where European organizations (and Arab organizations in the future as well) are recognized as the benchmark for sustainable economic growth, which is already applicable in Gulf counties and middle-east. CATEC delivers different IT services ranging from custom made solutions, Software, consultation and outsourcing. We build our services on understanding clients’ business requirements and providing dependable, tailored,cost effective solutions accordingly CATEC aspires to become the provider of choice in business technology solutions in the corporate and government sectors across the GCC region.