DESMI Pumping Technology (HQ in Denmark) and DESMI Middle East Branch are keen to share our long earned experiences within District Energy with designers, installers and operators of pumps within District Cooling and HVAC in the Middle East. Since DESMI manufactured pumps to the District Heating network in DESMI’s hometown in Denmark, Aalborg, back in 1951-52 – we have focused on manufacturing solutions for District Energy for a variety of locations all around the world. In more recent years energy efficiency has become the key word, and DESMI are able to provide very competitive pump solutions with energy efficiencies up to a level of almost 90%. DESMI have supplied pumps for District Cooling for many years – i.e. for seawater cooling in Denmark & Sweden, lake water cooling in Amsterdam and for District Cooling using TSE in UAE to mention a few different ways to apply District Cooling. We focus on medium and large pump solutions, where pumps are designed and constructed to individual project parameters. Typical applications include condenser pumps, pumps for chiller water- as well as cooling tower applications. So for a variety of installations in the District Cooling plant, the transmission boosting pumping stations as well as for the distribution network. Our design philosophies are i.e. build on durable solutions with long life cycle, high energy efficiencies, compact design for space saving and easy maintenance (short down-time) etc. DESMI also supplies energy efficient pump solutions for medium/larger HVAC applications – i.e. for airport, shopping malls, hotel complexes, data centers etc. References in the Middle East i.e. include Dubai Metro, Dalma Mall in Abu Dhabi, Palazzo Versace Luxury Hotel in Dubai, Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC) to mention a few.DESMI distributing partners and service providers are found throughout the Middle East region. Come to meet us at District Cooling Arabia 2015 and hear more. Please also visit our website on: ”.