FWU Group is an international financial services group, active in bancassurance, asset management and individual pension plans. The group is also recognized for global leadership and expertise in Shariah compliant investments and insurance (Takaful). FWU Group specializes in white label Family Takaful investment-linked plans; offering Takaful operators a customized innovative product family – encompassing savings, education, marriage and pension plans. Today, FWU Group is the largest global producer of bancaTakaful in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Pakistan and Malaysia. In November 2012, FWU Group pioneered the first EU Sukuk issuance by a German corporate and largest within Europe. The EUR55 million Sukuk Ijarah is another innovation by FWU Group – first Sukuk with underlying asset being intellectual property (proprietary software, developed in-house, used by FWU Group distribution partners).In recognition of global expertise in Takaful, FWU Group has won 12 prestigious awards including several from Islamic Finance news.