Ground Equipment for Environmental Solution Co. “EES” Ground Equipment for Environmental Solutions company “EES” been founded in 1998 EES Vision: Leading for Ecology Through Technology Process, Locally and Within other regions EES Mission: To supply waste management and environmental solutions, equipment based on customers’ needs. EES Focus: Environment Equipment, Waste Management Equipment, Recycle equipment and Services, Energy equipment solutions, Chemicals and its Equipment, and Aftersales, EES Elevator Statement: EES Agent for international equipment supplier. By provides a qualitative process toward the challenges for Ecology Through Technology cross the region. Analyze and understand the customer needs, by provides new environmental technology, modern equipment, and efficient aftersales. In addition to share the Social Responsibility toward the leaving environment Part of sharing the social responsibilities with government and private sector through strategic partnerships. Meeting stakeholder requirement Meets aftersales commitment toward our clients and market needs. EES Values: Provides technical consultation to our client by analyzing their needs , and provides the right technical solutions in term of equipment and others.