Högfors Oy is an established metal industry company whose competitive edge is based on strong Finnish competence, high quality and consistent reliability. The company was founded in 1927, and the new production facility was opened in 2009. Many years of experience in the valve manufacturing and a production facility that benefits from the latest technology have enabled Högfors to raise butterfly valves capacities to an entirely new level.Högfors Oy has been operating in the largest district heating markets in Russia and China for a long time. The company´s renowned expertise, high quality of products and customer satisfaction in the domestic market mean that Högfors Oy has a strong basis to build a success in new markets. Currently, exports account for more than 80% of total turnover, with more than 50 destination countries. Hogfors Oy has been supplying butterfly valves for district energy projects since 1960´s, as well for distribution pipelines as for the power plants. Customer service guarantees fast reaction to all questions. Each valve is individually tested according to EN 12266-1 requirements. In addition to internal audits sessions, DNV carries regularly audits for production and planning of valves. Högfors is also using third party inspections according to customer requirements. Valves can be customized according to the detailed needs of customers. These valves are used for demanding shut-off and control tasks in the energy sector and in industrial processes. min – 40⁰C / max + 260⁰C, special + 400⁰C Since 2010, Högfors has delivered more than 200 butterfly valves, sizing from 300 mm up to 1400 mm to Qatar, Lusail development area for the needs of district cooling. These valve play a crucial part in delivering cooling for various buildings, such as schools, hospitals, offices and residences.