ICON Platforms is a pioneer company in loyalty and relationship management, offering customers some of the latest technologies focused on business gamification solutions. With TALOS, own, flexible cross-platform technology and strong R&D, ICON Platforms offers clients access to powerful digital technologies. ICON Platforms is a corpus of engineers, software designers, business analysts, marketers, artists, thinkers, psychologists and innovators with a common goal, to create extraordinary, flawless, engaging user experiences for brands around the world. ICON Platforms Gamification moves beyond entertainment to business performance, using intuitive design, intrinsic motivation and the sense of accomplishment that comes from completing activities with clear and personal value. The ICON Platforms loyalty world is an enterprise-ready, cross-platform business gamification system with on-demand analytics, offered with software licenses or as-a-service. It’s designed to increase employee and customer engagement using some of the techniques that make games fun, interesting and engaging.