LiveHealth is a healthcare tech startup founded in 2013 by Abhimanyu Bhosale and Mukund Malani focused on bridging the gap between the healthcare providers and the consumers by connecting them and allowing them to communicate in the best possible way so they both benefit from it. It aims to provide an end to end cloud based solution to the healthcare providers so that their consumer experience is seamless and of the best quality. It is a single platform that helps the healthcare providers to create intelligent medical records of their patients, deliver these records to patient’s mobile, connects them with their patients and help the patient better understand their medical records. This is something revolutionary in the healthcare space. With revolutionising healthcare delivery it also helps providers manage their day to day processes better, helping them reduce the delivery time drastically and achieve much better Turn Around Time. Currently, LiveHealth has powered more than 200 Diagnostic Centres in 18 different cities. It has recently raised its first round of angel funding of USD 3,00,000 from healthcare veterans.