Medicodose specializes in human-subject research adherence for both medicine intake (smart blister pack) when on an ambulatory set up along and simultaneously with Patient Reported Outcome “PRO” (through our clinical platform). Thus, we provide an investigator a mean to access in real time the date and time a patient takes her medicine and also the pill position the patient chose within the blister packaging as well as access to e-diary answers. The investigator can finally see in real time all of her patients’ clinical data populating her computer dashboard screen as the study progresses. Enclosed is a dashboard picture of what the investigator can access and see in real time. Today patients’ adherence is almost non-existent for both, when a patient takes her medicine as well as when answering the clinical questionnaire, and by the way it is pen and paper based and too demanding on the patient. We, at MEDICODOSE, streamlined all the unnecessary steps that investigators and patients routinely are exposed to, and made things very simple and more effective for both stakeholders. The patient is offered a smart blister pack and requested to use her telephone through out the clinical trials while the investigator uses our clinical platform to access her patients’ clinical data. for more details please see the are attached e-brochure. Our technology does not request an internet connection from the patient nor a behavioral change nor a WIFI, NFC connection nor an application to download and no special training to go through while, in fact, the same patient is using the most sophisticated technology without even knowing it. Today, a CRO and a Sponsor can see what is happening with medicine adherence at the patient’s home and even the temperature of the blister packaging, thus assuring quality clinical data without too much input from the patient. Read the company brochure by Medicodose Systems.