The Union of Professional Pharmaceutical Organizations (SPFO) is a trade association established in 2002 to bring together market actors from the entire pharmaceuticals supply chain: distributors, pharmacy chains, local and international pharmaceutical manufacturers. As a priority partner and collective expert of the related governmental agencies, SPFO focuses on the most acute systemic issues and challenges faced by the pharmaceutical sector, while promoting the principles of corporate social responsibility. SPFO objective is to prevent potential risks that may have an adverse impact on the supply of pharmaceuticals. Within more than 13-years of its operation, the Union of Professional Pharmaceutical Organizations has participated in the elaboration of key concepts and strategies for the development of the pharmaceutical industry and drug supply. SPFO is currently involved in the elaboration of crisis management strategy in the support of the local pharmaceutical industry. SPFO experts are members of various committees and working groups within the sectoral ministries and agencies, promoting excellence in the manufacturing, distribution and retail sale of pharmaceuticals, institutional enhancement of the pharmaceutical sector and combating the production and distribution of counterfeit products.