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Dr. Tijs Koerts

Sr. Process Safety Consultant & EPSC Operations Director

Koerts PSM Consultancy

Dr. Koerts is an expert in process safety with over 30 years of experience. He is the Operations Director of EPSC that offers the European Industry a legitimate network to learn on Process Safety. His expertise and experience covers in the line as well as management in the fields of technical safety, process engineering and production processes within the (petro-) chemical industries. Tijs Koerts studied chemistry at the Utrecht University and obtained a PhD at the Eindhoven University of Technology. He got his process safety experience at DuPont, GE plastic and Lyondell Basell Industries, where he worked with all kinds of hazardous chemical processes and had management roles in both process technology, operations and business. Since 2010 he is an independent senior consultant for the hazardous processing industry to strengthen their safety practices, technical installations and culture. He is a passionate speaker on the subject, and one of Europe’s most experienced Process Safety trainers, having given trainings in most parts of the industrialized world.