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Deepa Arora, MD

Director, Strategy & Portfolio Management

Vibrant America

Dr. Gubbala worked in Biotech/ MedTech industry for over 15 years as a certified Project Management Professional, prior to that he worked in the industry for another 5 years. His experience includes big pharma, Novartis, Merck along with startups, other companies. Dr. Gubbala is first person to be certified as Portfolio Management Professional in Biotech industry.

He led multiple Biotech Portfolios and recent one is 65MM. He established PPMO from ground up multiple times. He focuses on aligning corporate strategy to PPM.
He embraces and practices Alliance Management fundamentals. He leads/ supports PPM & Alliance Governance.

Dr. Gubbala is experienced in almost all types of projects, initiatives in Biotech/MedTech industry. He is practicing since initial days of outsource “all” to partial/ tactical insourcing and any combination in between.

He holds PhD in Life science, certifications in Project, Program, Portfolio Management.He worked as a Database developer and Database Administrator for over 5 years before in USA and in New Zealand. He holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Relational Database Development, certification as Database Developer and as a Database Administrator.

Dr. Gubbala currently serving as a judge PMO Global Awards 2019, enjoys working with Robotics, AI & ML.

He volunteered with PMI, Society for Clinical Data Management, enjoys, contributes to non profit organizations, avid hiker and occasionally go for marathons.